Welcome to the Adirondack Park,  the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States. Experience the stunning seasonal diversity and pristine beauty of this enchanted region through the eyes of Lake Placid photographer Rolf Schulte. Follow Rolf as he journeys to the untouched recesses of mountain and forest to capture those magical moments of light and color that can only be rendered to print by unflagging persistence, patience, skill, and a measure of luck. All of the panoramas within these pages were shot by Rolf on his trusty Noblex S-E, a medium format (larger negative) camera.  Witness firsthand the splendor and solace of the Adirondacks' bountiful water, mountains and wildflowers as seen through the fastidious eyes of one of its greatest admirers.

"Adirondack Panoramas" by Rolf Schulte