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Rolf Schulte

Rolf Schulte's "point of view" hasn't changed since he first started taking photographs at the age of 10 in Germany.  Nature is his true love and one can see that in his photographs. After extensive traveling and having lived in many different places, when he had the chance to move to Lake Placid he took it because the mountains (although somewhat bigger here in the ADKs) reminded him of his German home.  He quickly fell in love with the pristine nature of the Adirondack Park.  It wouldn't be unusual for him to get up at 4am to capture the sunrise on top of a high peak and then stay all day to get the sunset.  He is happiest when he is hiking and taking photos.  At 77 he still gets bursts of artistic energy and will often be the first up a given mountain (and is very proud to say so!). In keeping with the times he has recently switched over to a digital camera, but he always takes his trusty Rolliflex Medium-Format camera with him.  The medium format is his most familiar and most of his photographs are still taken with that camera.  Schulte's photographs of the Adirondacks are timeless and simple, but most of all: they are filled with a sense of the awe and admiration of a photographer that is deeply inspired by his subject. 


We represent Rolf Schulte Photography, and also one other artist every three months.  This artist could be a painter, sculpter, photographer etc. Please choose the link "represented artist", for more information about the artist we have here now.  We also carry craft items from Nora Swanson, Uncommon Scents, Ed and Kate Coleman, Housten Llew, Happy Raku fish...and more.  All hand-made in the USA

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